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Some comments from the author
regarding the original book

Now, that the book has been available for over six years, some interesting observations have been made. 

The randomness test, or as I call it, "the taste test", is so appropriate.  You can tell from opening this book to any poem and reading what is there, whether this is book is for you.  It is clear that this book is not for everyone, as is the case with any book.  It is also clear that if you like what you read, you will love the book.

Another interesting observation is what I will call a "snapshot of your life".  By opening this book to any poem and reading what is there, and repeating it two more times (three in total), it has been found that you get a snapshot of where you are in your life.  Did I know this, when I created the book?  Certainly not!  Does it work for everyone?  So far, yes!  Of course, you could be the exception.

Does the book have the answers for you?  No! It does give you some suggestions and thoughts that may help you on your own journey in life.

Is this book for you?  Only one way to find out! Open it to any poem and read what is there!

Background Information

A nod and a smile" is a collection of writings of the author on his journey in life, what was experienced, what was learned, and some surprises along the way. Everyone who has had an opportunity to read parts of this book, has at one time or another, nodded or smiled.

The book consists of 40 pieces of prose over 96 pages.  The book was self-published by the Gary, and 2000 copies were printed. He was involved in all aspects of its development, and is responsible for every word in the book.

The colour of the book was chosen after Gary visited a famous hotel for his birthday, and received the balance of his birthday cake in a box of the same colour.  Immediately on seeing the box, Gary knew he had found the colour of this book.

The feather on the front cover was chosen by the graphics designer to symbolise a quill.

Originally, there was no intention of writing a book.  These poems were written for Gary, and were shared with a few select friends and family.  It was following many suggestions from others, that they should be put into a book, that "A nod and a smile" was born.

The theme behind each piece of writing is to stimulate your thoughts and ideas.  Some of the pieces will be so close to your heart, that you may even shed a tear, while others may mean little to you.  Gary's aim is touch the reader, and to give them hope for the future.

It is usual to read a book from cover to cover.  It was naturally thought that this would be the case with "A nod and a smile".  As time passed, it became obvious that reading cover to cover is not necessary. In fact, it has been found that if you open the book to any poem, and read what is there, it seems to be relevant to you at that time.

It is also acknowledged that this book is not for everyone, as is the case for most books.  It is believed that you will know if this book is for you.

Gary readily admits that he does not have the answers, and offers suggestions and thoughts that may help you on your own journey in life.

Whether it is to cheer you up, or to give you another perspective, or just because you like what you read, it is hoped that you will enjoy "A nod and a smile".

infinite possibilities

ISBN 9948-03-076-1

(Please note: the quality of the above sample has declined in the process of converting it from the book format to a format suitable to be displayed on the Internet.) 
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